Congratulations ! GLOBAL 3D was Successful, our pilot CD and Rasmus win the prize. Congratulation for boths of them !

Global 3D Helicopter competition was successful on July 1th to 3th 2016 at Venlo, Netherlands.

KDLipo was great honour to be attend this event as the official sponsor.
Our sponsor pilot “Rasmus Jakobsen” win the fourth of Expert Class. 

And “Sakkarin CD Kongthon ” win the sixth of ULTIMATE Class. 

Congratulation for boths of them 

This is the first time that we attend the Europe competitionThanks all friends supporting.

Looking forward to see everybody again soon. See you all Europe friendshope all of you everything goes well and have nice day. 

1. Our team and pilot

2. During the competition 

3. KDLIPO batteries show 

5. The award ceremony

That's All !  Many thanks for your reading........