Congratulations ! Amazing event - THB 2017 was Successful, our pilot Rasmus and Sasikanna win the prize. Congratulation for boths of them !

THB 2017 Helicopter competition, amazing event was successful on July 25th to 26th 2017 in Thailand.

KDLipo was great honour to be a official sponsor again in this event.
Our sponsor pilot “Rasmus Jakobsen” win the 2nd of Expert Class.

And “Sasikana Boonmala ”win the 1st of Expert Class.

Congratulation for boths of them 


Thank you Tom and all your teams in Thailand, thank you Tareq make such amazing fly with KDLIPO batteries.

thank you all pilots for giving us wonderful performance, specially KDLIPO Pilots. 

Thnanks all of u, in this amazing event, we enjoy a lot.


Looking forward to see everybody again soon. Hope all of you everything goes well and have nice day.

1. Our team and pilot

2. Tareq Alsaadi with KDLIPO in THB 2017

3. KDLIPO batteries show

5. The award ceremony

That's All !  Many thanks for your reading........