Products : the advantages of polymer lithium battery

1. Safety performance 
Lithium-polymer battery used in the structure of aluminum-plastic packaging, which is different from the liquid metal batteries, in the event of potential safety problems, liquid explosive batteries, and polymer batteries with only drums. 
2. Thickness small, can do more thin 
The use of common liquid lithium first custom case, after the anode side is expected to approach the village, the thickness of 3.6mm to achieve the following technical bottlenecks, the existence of polymer batteries are not the problem, the thickness of 1mm can be achieved the following, in line with the current mobile phones needs direction. 
3. The weight of light 
Polymer batteries in weight than the steel equivalent lithium capacity specifications 40% of electric light, battery light than the aluminum shell 20%. 
4. Capacity 
Polymer battery sizes than the same battery capacity of the steel 10 ~ 15%, compared with high-aluminum shell battery 5 ~ 10%, as a color screen and MMS mobile phone of choice, and now the market of the new color screen and MMS Most cell phone batteries using polymer. 
5. The internal resistance of the small 
Polymer batteries liquid than the average of the resistance of small batteries, the current domestic polymer batteries can do the resistance 35mΩ or less, greatly reduce the battery power from the extension of mobile phone standby time, can be achieved with the international level. That support large discharge current lithium polymer is the ideal choice for remote control model has become the most promising alternative to Ni-MH battery products. 
6. The shape can be customized 
Polymer batteries based on customer needs increase or decrease in the thickness of batteries, the development of new models of batteries, cheap, the short cycle mode, and some can even be tailored according to the shape of mobile phones in order to take full advantage of the battery shell space, enhance the battery capacity. 
7. Discharge characteristics of good 
Polymer batteries using gel electrolytes, compared to liquid electrolyte, gel electrolyte has a stable discharge characteristics and higher discharge platform. 
8. The protection plate is designed to be simple 

As a result of the use of polymer materials, batteries did not fire, not explosions, their batteries have sufficient security, the protection of polymer battery, therefore the design could be considered to omit line PTC and fuse, thereby saving the cost of batteries.